Frozen Blood
Neon Parc, Melbourne
16 Nov.–16 Dec.

Neon Parc is excited to present ‘Frozen Blood’, a group exhibition taking place over the gallery’s three spaces in the City, Brunswick and South Yarra. This will be the final exhibition in the City gallery since its inception in 2006.

Frozen Blood, the extract of a breathing body; is the suspension of something which used to flow and gush with life but is now static and waiting for reanimation.

Presenting new works by contemporary artists alongside historical works important to the lineage of Australian art, the exhibition reveals the threads of influence that tease out stylistic and conceptual underpinnings of contemporary practice.

Conjuring a visceral image or sensation, ‘Frozen Blood’ evokes themes of immortality, time, lust, the body, transfusion and Bad Taste. The exhibition juxtaposes the coolness of abstraction against the pulse of naked flesh, at once meticulous and laboured, yet articulating something primal and rudimentary.

Looking at the link between artists who have produced abstraction and figuration, and also probing the moment when figuration becomes abstraction, ‘Frozen Blood’ allows uncertainty and hidden layers to underpin it.

Featuring works by Vivienne Binns, Richard Bell, Mike Brown, William Crawford, Isabella Darcy, Teelah George, Maria Kozic, Claire Lambe, Sam Martin and Nick Mullaly.